Top 7 winter comfort foods from around the world

RRegina September 5, 2023 8:57 AM

As the cold months set in, our cravings shift toward hearty, warming comfort foods to keep the chill at bay. In this article, we'll journey around the globe, from the cozy kitchens of Italy to the bustling food stalls of Japan, to bring you the top 7 winter comfort foods that people relish during the winter season.

1. Cassoulet (France):

Originating from the south of France, cassoulet is a slow-cooked casserole made with white beans and assorted meats like sausages, mutton, and pork. Its rich, hearty flavors make it a quintessential winter comfort food in French cuisine.

2. Pho (Vietnam):

Pho is Vietnam's answer to the winter blues. A steaming bowl of pho, with its fragrant beef broth, rice noodles, and tender slices of beef, is sure to warm you up on a cold day.

3. Goulash (Hungary):

Goulash is a robust stew made with tender beef, potatoes, and a generous dose of paprika. It's a staple dish in Hungary, and its warming properties make it a favorite during the colder months.

4. Ramen (Japan):

Ramen is a beloved winter comfort food in Japan. With its flavorful broth, chewy noodles, and assortment of toppings including pork, egg, and green onions, a bowl of ramen is a satisfying and comforting winter meal.

5. Chicken Pot Pie (United States):

Chicken Pot Pie is a classic American comfort food. It's a creamy mixture of chicken, vegetables, and a flaky pie crust, perfect for a cozy winter dinner.

6. Osso Buco (Italy):

Osso Buco, a Milanese specialty, is a hearty dish of braised veal shanks cooked with vegetables, white wine, and broth. It's typically served with risotto, making it a fulfilling meal for cold winter nights.

7. Feijoada (Brazil):

Feijoada is a hearty Brazilian stew made with black beans and pork. It's traditionally served with rice, collard greens, and farofa (toasted cassava flour), making it a comforting and satisfying dish for winter.

Let's break down these winter comfort foods in a handy table:

Food Country Main Ingredients
Cassoulet France White beans, assorted meats
Pho Vietnam Beef broth, rice noodles, beef
Goulash Hungary Beef, potatoes, paprika
Ramen Japan Broth, noodles, assorted toppings
Chicken Pot Pie United States Chicken, vegetables, pie crust
Osso Buco Italy Braised veal shanks, vegetables, white wine, broth
Feijoada Brazil Black beans, pork, rice, collard greens, farofa

Whether you're after a bowl of spicy goulash, a comforting chicken pot pie, or a vibrant feijoada, these winter comfort foods from around the world will satisfy your craving and warm your soul.

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